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 Dr Ted Morter
one of my many Teachers

 I love questions.


 Call me for a


301 730 -0261

I will suggest what could be going on with your horse.
How you can resolve the health issue through natural remedies/diet.
Your horse can soon be on the road to recovery.
Email your questions to:
Lorrie offers the following services:

Evaluates and releases your horses pain points using acupressure.

$75 first 40 miles then Traveling fee's apply.

She will also teach YOU how to body balance YOUR horse.

Discounts given to multiple horses at one location

Lorrie can also do 
The Emotion Code Release which is Trapped energy/belief  clearing from past life trauma.
Fee $20 

Lorrie educates you in these areas of wellness.
Herbal Remedies
Essential Oils
Equine Nutrition Consulting
I give coaching lessons  on the 
Waterhole Rituals using the Caroline Resnick Method

Do you sometimes feel disconnected from your horse?

Do you know what your horse is telling you ?

Can you read your horse's language ?

Why does my horse paw ,look away, swish his tail?


If you have the desire to learn all there is on connecting

with your horse , then Heart to Heart connections is for you.

You can have a great relationship with your horse,

One on One lessons either at my farm or yours

privately or in small groups

First session includes,


 Evaluation of your time with your horse.

 Covering the issues surrounding your communication.

Three easy to do methods of communicating you can practice


Call 301-730-0261 Lorrie Bracaloni

First lesson ½ price $40 if over 30 miles travel fees will apply

FREE-Consultation via phone 301-730-0261
For 10 min 
Then $20 for full consultation applies.

Raindrop Therapy - Discover for yourself the powerful effects that essential oils can have for you.
 Raindrop techniques can increase the immune function of the body, help spinal misalignment, release bacteria and viruses that lay dormant on your spine.
 Doctors have great results with sciatica from a study conducted by Royal Orthopedic Hospital in England. Raindrop goes way beyond the benefits of massage.
 It can improve every aspect of your life--physically and emotionally, in most cases in a single application. Lorrie works on horses with kissing spine syndrome with this amazing technique, plus Lorrie can work on humans too.
Equine Pain Point Certification Course


NEW Online Certification program on Pain Point Release. 

Check out all the details at

While you are there, learn all about Lorrie and all her amazing services, DVD's, books, and other programs relating to horses and humans.