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In the August issue of Equine Wellness magizine my book

Natural Equine Remedies was reviewed

In this book Lorrie shares her experinces on equine wellness, offering information on nutrition, herbs, homeopathics, muscle testing & ting point therapy, extreamely helpful, a must have in any tack room. Equine Wellness magizine

Client testimonials.

 I want to share that I have had Lorrie Bracaloni work with my horse after a stifle, hock, and tendon injury - she is still on the diet that Lorrie recommended and she has never looked better in her 20 young years. I highly recommend Lorrie, she will offer a wealth of information.
Our blacksmith came today to shoe the horses...he was thrilled with how great Annie looks. He is so impressed that it was done without drugs!!! He hadn't seen her for about 6 weeks and he said the change was impressive!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!
 I have experienced many Raindrop sessions with Lorrie and always walk away feeling relaxed and inspired. The sessions are calming with gentle music playing in the background and the wonderful scent of aromatherapy oils transcends me to a peaceful place. After the sessions I often find that I have answers to questions that have been on my mind...or bursts of creative ideas for a new project. I highly recommend a Raindrop Therapy session with Lorrie. She is kind and insightful and offers an authentic holistic experience for the mind, body and soul. -- A satisfied customer